Trade In Policy

1. You warrant and represent that you are the sole and rightful owner, or have the authority of the owner to sell the product(s).

2. You agree that all information you provide about the Item for sale as well as information you have or will provide about yourself is true, accurate, and complete.

3. You acknowledge and agree that GAMENATION may reject or limit the quantity of Items to be sold. You agree that all determinations of GAMENATION with respect to sale value (cash or credit) assigned to the Item after its inspection will be accepted as final and is not negotiable.

4. Upon receipt and acceptance of the Item by GAMENATION, you hereby agree to transfer all right to and title in the Item to GAMENATION, in exchange for cash or credit value offered to you.

5. You acknowledge and agree that the sell transaction is final and cannot be cancelled or rescinded by you after your Item is received by GAMENATION, unless GAMENATION contacts you to provide notification that your description of the Item was inconsistent with GAMENATION’s evaluation of your Item.

6. You agree to ship the Item to the address provided so that it arrives within 10 days of accepting the estimate. If the Item is not received within 10 days of the date from which the order was created by you, then GAMENATION has the right to revise or withdraw the estimate for the sale or the outstanding cash or credit value of the Item.

7. GAMENATION will cover your cost in case of self-shipment by offering additional Rs.100 in cash or credit for each shipment received. If products from multiple orders are received in a single shipment, Rs.100 will be not offered for each order and Rs.100 will be offered only once for a shipment received. Alternatively you can opt for our free pick-up service and have a hassle free sale from the comfort of your home (subject to availability).

8. You agree that GAMENATION will not be responsible under any circumstances for any loss or damage to the Item during transit where pickup was not arranged by GAMENATION.

9. You agree that you are providing the Item to GAMENATION in working order, and you shall be solely responsible for the arrival condition of the Item at GAMENATION facilities. It is important that you carefully package the Item to ensure that the Item is delivered to GAMENATION without damage.

10. Consoles and Accessories or any hardware in general will not be accepted if the warranty seal is tampered or if they have been serviced earlier or if they have any physical damage on them. In some cases, we may offer an updated price value for the same, if accepted it’ll be tested and processed if it passes our testing procedure.

11. Game discs with medium to heavy level of scratches will not be accepted even if they are in working condition to maintain the quality of the pre-owned games sold by us and the same will be returned back to you on payment of return shipping charges or will be shipped back for free along with a future buy order placed on our website. In case if the user chooses to get it back along with their buy order, the same has to be conveyed to us via email ([email protected]) after placing the buy order.

12. In the event of one or more of the products from an order failing our testing process and one or more of the products from the same order passing the testing process, you agree to provide us with the right to proceed with payment processing for the products that have passed the testing process. The products that have failed the testing process will be returned back to you based on your choice of immediate return which will be chargeable or free return along with future buy order (free return is applicable only for game discs and doesn’t apply for hardware). In the event of no return request being raised within a period of 6 months, please note that we may not be able to fulfill the request due to logistical constraints.

13. If GAMENATION provides notification that your description of the Item was inconsistent with GAMENATION’s evaluation of your Item, you will be provided with an updated quote of cash or credit value in case if the product can still be accepted by us. You may elect to either sell your Item in exchange for the updated value, or you may elect for the Item to be returned to you upon your payment of return shipping charges and other charges incurred. In order to have the Item returned to you at your own expense, you must promptly respond to our email within 3 days of being contacted. If no response is received within this time period, we will presume that the updated cash value option is elected, and the Item will be processed using the updated value.

14. If the game is not received in its original box or in damaged condition, value would be deducted from the sell value towards charges incurred to replace the box. Deduction values as follows for standard single disc box: Rs.50 for PS4/PS5 games, Rs.150 for Xbox One/Xbox Series X games, Rs.200 for Nintendo Switch games. In case of any special type of box, deduction value will vary on a case to case basis and the same will be informed during the testing phase.

15. If the game is received without its original art cover, 30% of the game value subject to a maximum of Rs.500 would be deducted from the game value.

16. If the console is missing any included accessory, value for the same would be estimated and deducted from the sale value after informing the same. The console is expected to be sold to us along with all the accessories included in the package as sold by the manufacturer.

17. The time taken to complete the testing process for games will be 24 hours and 48 to 72 hours for consoles, accessories or any hardware in general from the time of shipment delivery to our office premises. Details of the testing results will be provided to you via email and also a detailed report will be available in My account once the testing procedure is complete.