About Us

Who are we?

We are a team of passionate gamers and professionals who thrive to provide gamers an affordable and enjoyable gaming experience. The Gaming Industry has been long touted as an expensive avocation for the wealthy. We want to break this taboo and stigma. We want to empower gamers. We want gamers to experience the very best of this industry without having to empty their pockets and hearts out.
All of these endeavours we undertake is an ardent and honest effort towards creating an ecosystem of gamers, in essence, a large community that has easy and affordable access to games, consoles, and peripherals.

Our offerings:

Best-in-class consoles, games, and accessories :

If you're in the market for brand-new or pre-owned consoles and games, we've got all your bases covered. From Sony's finest to Nintendo and Microsoft's latest drops, we've got all you want to cop. Along with knock-off prices on our products, we offer free-shipping across the nation and 1-day delivery in select cities.

Sell your old games and consoles :

When you're looking to offload your old games or consoles, we welcome you with open arms. You can sell your old games and consoles for either cash or credit for your trade-ins. At Gamenation, we're also starting a new service where you can sell your old gaming PC's peripherals, and components for cash or credit.

Our Pillars:

Customer Obsession: We want our customers to feel and think at all times that they are getting absolute value for money.

Value For Money: Every innovation. Every iteration. Everything we do here at Gamenation is solely centered around customer satisfaction. We aim to provide our customers with the cleanest and finest user journey while transacting with us.

Passion: It's easier said than done to state that 'Passion' forms the bedrock of our organization. Be it a new service we're working on, or a new employee we are hiring, we ensure that passion is at the very core of all our endeavours.

Evolution: One of our cornerstones is to be in a perpetual state of learning and evolution. Innovating at every get-go, we strive to keep evolving our services and offerings.

Affordable And Accessible Does Not Mean Average: The stigma that Gaming Consoles, Gaming PC's or Gaming in general is for the wealthy is a taboo we are constantly trying to break.

The Gamenation Promise:

Quality: We've fulfilled over 75,000 orders in the last 2 years since inception. We've achieved utmost customer success only because we have robust quality checking measures in place.

A Fast Delivery: Apart from free-shipping across the country, we offer 1-day delivery in select cities across the country as well.

Reliability: We have a dedicated customer services team in place to help our customers with any queries regarding any of our services or transactions they have with Gamenation.

Easy Returns: If you have any kind of problem with any transaction or experience, we have all hands on deck to ensure smooth returns, refunds, or resend the order. (Terms and Conditions Apply).